Sunday, May 19, 2019

Honor Guard

We've carried too many flag draped caskets.  The weight of that flag as it's folded and handed to a family member is heavier than most of you will ever know.  

We've volleyed too many rounds for twenty-one gun salutes.  The recoil, though minimal in sight, gets stronger with each trigger pull.  

We've heard too many echos of TAPS.  The sound becomes more haunting and deafening with each note played. 

We've presented arms to the caisson too many times as it passes by.  Each hoof of the escorting equines sending quakes through the ground we stand on.  

We've kept our composure too long as they sound the alert tone for End of Watch of our fallen.  The heartbreak and tears pushed back with our shoulders as we stand at attention until dismissed.

We have done what too many others will never have the honor of doing.

We are Honor Guard.

#Pride  #Honor  #Dignity  #HonorGuard 

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