Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Midnight First Responder Devotional

Tonight, we pray for the First Responder being called to active duty.  The men and women who signed the dotted line to serve our country, to provide peace and protection to our citizens at home and abroad.  

In the uncertainty of civil unrest, chaos of war, and greed of mankind, we send them off to fight in a country that so many of our military sacrificed their lives for in the past two decades.  Our veterans are heartbroken and angry, our families are scared and frustrated.  Less than a month away from one of the darkest days in American history, 9-11-01 is being revived in our memories with a sharp pain of truth…evil exists.  

As we watch our first responders rush to the call for help abroad, we give thanks and praise to God for His protection over the men and women who fly the planes, carry the gear, run the communications, provide the resources and reconnaissance, shield the helpless and hopeless.  Our freedoms depend on the brave who stand up the tyranny of governments. 

May the devil lose his grip in this battle.  Give strength and endurance to our first responders, military, and support walking this path God has made for them.  Bring our men and women home safe from the evils of the world, and give them a clear mind free from the horrors they face.  

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.” Psalm 144:1

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